COOKBOOK: Creamy Coconut Butternut Squash Soup (vegan + gluten free)

For the last week, I couldn’t wait to get home from school just so I could have an egg white omelette on toast with swiss cheese and avocado and this DELECTABLE SOUP.

Who knew coconut and butternut squash worked so well together?

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FOR THE LOVE OF cycling: pedal to the metal [yoga pt. 1, yoga pt. 2]

These are not my favourite photos, since they are from my scrawnier, insecure days, but they’re the only photos I have of me cycling, so we’ll settle.

Just as an introduction to how I got into cycling: my dad. Yup. That’s it. He just had this whole awakening one day that cycling was great and dragged me along with him and, well, I’m not complaining. I really do enjoy it.

Now for the reasons I love it!

  1. Cyclists go on the road, just like cars, and have to follow traffic laws, just like cars. This does wonders to boost your self-esteem for the few hours you’re out on the ride. Like “damn, I’m a car.”
  2. Cycling is probably the most used physical activity for charity and awareness. I did the Ride to Conquer Cancer, which was not only very fun and tiring, but was also the reason I raised $2000 for BC Cancer Foundation.
  3. It’s cardio, without the cardiac arrest. I mean, let’s be honest: as much as I love running, it can really make you feel like your heart’s about to jump out of your chest. Biking is still cardio, it just doesn’t push you quite as hard as running. Which is nice once in a while.
  4. Cycling is scenic! I love my views when I’m on my bike.
  5. There are so many kinds of bikes for any style. Blue is my favourite colour, so I have a blue bike!
  6. Once you learn how to bike, you never forget. Trust me.
  7. Cycling can range from being a family affair to the most competitive sport out there. It is craaaayzaaaay.

Photos (locations: cloverdale; washington; vancouver):

  • First photo (on the left, white coat): right before starting the Ride to Conquer Cancer
  • Second photo (top right, red coat): rolling into a pit stop somewhere in washington (i think it was near a casino)
  • Middle 2: more pit stop snaps
  • Bottom 2: ride along the waterfront in vancouver

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COOKBOOK: Cinnamon Sweet Omelette with “Pumpkin Pie” Filling (vegetarian + source of protein!)

Yes, I am officially in school.


And yes, it is a living hell.

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FOR THE LOVE OF yoga, pt. 2: meditation = fun [yoga pt. 1]

Yes, there’s more to my yoga love! What, you think I can only come up with four measly reasons to explain why I love yoga? You, my friend, do not know me very well.

  1. Yoga is meditative, which is exactly what I need sometimes. My brain is all over the place, always thinking about something. I can’t even stop it from working when I’m sleeping. But when I’m doing yoga, I meditate and escape.
  2. Yoga is not a competition — except against yourself! I love a challenge, and I always find one when I’m doing yoga, whether it’s in the hot room, or doing headstands in my room.
  3. Any move is equally meditative. Whether it’s shavasana, headstands, or camel pose, I always manage to find that same inner peace and tranquility. (I actually do my headstands better when I get into my meditative state.)
  4. Yoga encourages compassion for yourself, and that has saved my life and improved my mental health so much.
  5. Yoga is fun! Even when I was just starting, I still enjoyed each pose as much as I do now, when I can actually have decent form ;)

Photos (location: home):

  • First 3 on the left (bright yellow sports bra): my first attempt at a headstand - whenever I tried to fully extend my legs, I would fall backwards. When I first start up, I do this weird thing where my butt leans to one side.
  • First 3 on the right (skinny jeans): second official attempt at a headstand - same thing with extending the legs, except maybe I would last a few seconds before falling over (hehe, you can see my tan line in the first two). Butt leaning thing continues.
  • Bottom 2 (black tanktop): finally fully extending my legs and holding my headstand with control - sometimes, I can even stay there for a bit and meditate :) my form still isn’t quite right, but my balance feels better.

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1.25k+ followers! + COOKBOOK: DIY Pancakes in a Jar (vegan options + no sugar added)

It’s like you are all just hopping out of some black hole, seriously.

Okay, it’s time for some more breakfast foods because I love breakfast.



And this is seriously the best thing you will ever eat. I kid you not.

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do you keep in close touch with your family (not your parents)? by the way, LOVE the blog :D

I try to, but it’s kind of tough! My grandparents still live in Romania, so while my parents call them every week, I usually only get the chance to talk to them about once a month. As for my cousins from Michigan (who I went to Florida with), we have random moments of lots of contact, and then basically nothing for months at a time. Keeping in touch is not the easiest task in the world when your family lives all over the place :/ But I try my best and still love them all the same!

(As for my Shad family, I keep in touch with them as often as possible.. <3 )

And thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my posts :)

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camel pose | cocoa beach, florida ☀️🌀 | {link to more photos in bio} | #flashbackfriday 🙆 ((veins tho))

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FOR THE LOVE OF yoga, pt. 1: any time, any place

Many of you probably know by now that I am a big fitness lover. Like, really big.

However, not many of you may know that I do a lot of yoga, and actually love it. A lot. So I thought I’d share with you some photos of yoga progress, etc. and give you a list of reasons why I love yoga!

  1. You can do it anywhere. Literally. Cocoa Beach, Florida? Sure!
  2. You can do it any time. Morning, night, it’s always fun and constructive to your physical and mental well-being.
  3. There are so many types! My favourite is Bikram hot yoga.
  4. It’s super relaxing.

Photos (location: cocoa beach, florida):

  • First 3: finding my balance in tree pose
  • Bottom 2: stretching out and realigning my spine with camel pose

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COOKBOOK: Creamy Béchamel Rotini with Roasted Tomatoes and Mushrooms (vegan + no sugar added)



It is so super duper über delicious.

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COOKBOOK: Garlic Sesame Beet Greens and Edamame Stir Fry (vegan)

Yes, I eat more than just breakfast foods.


Does that really surprise you so much?

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