1.3k+ followers! + COOKBOOK: Peach Streusel Oatmeal (vegan + refined sugar free)

Oh man, it sure is nice to make yummy, healthy food.


And it’s even nicer to have the time to do that.

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Breakfast ☺️ #Vegan peach streusel oatmeal 😍🙌 Recipe will be up on my blog this coming week! I also have two other recipes planned for today, so my blog will be set for the week 😊 Wowieee this was so delicious haha 👍 All right, it’s time for a morning at the library, an afternoon of meal prep, and an evening of relaxing 😏

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Outdoor yoga study break aka procrastinating 🙈🙆 Standing mermaid pose, very much still needs practice, but a month ago I couldn’t even stand on one leg for more that a minute so I’m proud ☺️💪 #yogagirls

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Weekend lunches ❤️ So i was going to post breakfast but after Senior Sail last night, I was too tired to even think of cooking, so I got oatmeal and a chai tea latte from Starbucks instead 😂 But lunch was pretty special, if I do say so myself! A toasted cheese and vegetable spread sandwich + kefir mixed with peach chunks and honey 😍☺️ Meal prep tomorrow, but until then… studying. 😒😭 #iblife

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#Postgame dinner ☺️ Egg white omelette, toasted garlic ciabatta bread, cottage cheese, low fat Babybel, and cherry tomatoes 😍💪 We finally won a game, which means we are most likely going to Fraser Valleys! 😊 In other news, my Bio lab is due tomorrow and I have no clue what I am going to do for my Math paper 😭

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#Postrace nutrition today consisted of thanksgiving leftovers {turkey and pork cabbage rolls} and a smoothie {homemade yogurt, mandarin orange, honey} 😍💪 I got 5th today, even though it wasn’t my best time! I guess it was a long day for everybody 😪 Now it’s time to study 😭😅

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Hello all! I hope that you have started your weeks well, and that all non-Americans had a wonderful Thanksgiving, unlike myself (I was battling a 38.3 degree Celsius fever - it was brutal). In any case, I had cabbage rolls, so it wasn’t all too bad 😊 #romanianforlife

Anyways, this is just a post to keep up with you guys! I have a busy week ahead of me, and exciting Senior Sail waiting at the end of it, so this is my way of letting you know I may be MIA this week 😔 I know, it sucks, but these things happen! I’ll have some of my Instagram posts go here, and make some delicious recipes this weekend just for you guys ☺️

If you have any requests for posts, please send them in an ask! If you would like to get in touch, just shoot me an ask or e-mail. Stay focused this week!

The photo above is chia seed and coconut sugar egg white oats topped with a banana and White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter, also known as my dinner 😉

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FOR THE LOVE OF running: experiencing the high [yoga pt. 1, yoga pt. 2, cycling]

Okay, I guess I was kind of saving best for last? Because running is my favourite, and anyone that has spent just two minutes on my Instagram would definitely know that :P

These photos are more recent than my cycling ones, so yay for progress pics?

Reasons to enjoy running aka intense cardio:

  1. Runner’s high. That’s it. My absolute favourite part of runs. I find that I feel it much more often during races than my training runs.
  2. There’s so many variations! Road running, cross country, track… They are all super fun, and keep things interesting!
  3. Running is individual. Even when I’m doing races, I somehow manage to tell myself the following: “I’m not running for anyone else but myself.” And it’s so true!
  4. Stress relief. Going for a run is like leaving your problems out on your route. It’s as if all of your stress just escapes from the pounding of your feet. Love it.
  5. I love long distance running! The longer the distance, the more time you have away from reality.

Photos (locations: home):

  • Top 2 photos: full body pre-run photos
  • Bottom on the left: leg shot
  • Bottom on the right: post-run abs feat. my HRM peaking through
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COOKBOOK: Homemade Greek Yogurt (no extra equipment necessary!)

If you’re not making your own yogurt yet, you should really get started.


And I know what you’re thinking already, but trust me and just keep reading.

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I know things like Gatorade are reccomended for endurance activities, but I'm not too fond of commercialised sports drinks. I've heard coconut water might be a healthier substitute? I was wondering if you had any suggestions. Thanks! :)

While there is definitely scientific back-up behind drinks like Gatorade, I simply don’t like their taste, so I’ve had to look for other options as well in the past!

First of all, coconut water is a great option! It has a high amount of potassium, so it keeps the cramps at bay and is ideal for when you are doing something that will really make you SWEAT. I usually have some a few hours before a field hockey game or have a container with me for hot yoga. I personally prefer pineapple flavoured coconut water!

The one thing to be careful about with coconut water is the brand. I tried the Dole brand once because it was on sale and never again. I knew it was fake the moment I tasted it because it tasted exactly like shredded coconut, and coconut water tastes nothing like that. Also, unless you are doing something really strenuous (a high-intensity race, sports competition, hot yoga, etc.), any doctor will tell you that all you need is water and proper nutrition. The electrolyte-loaded sports drink are actually for when you’re putting too much stress on your body, not when you’re just trying to maintain your health.

So, if you have a race or a sports game in a few hours, go for the coconut water! But if you’re just going for a training run or doing some weight lifting, stick with good, ol’ regular water :) I put some links and tips below to great natural “sports drink” options, if you’re still interested.

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